computer vision syndrome

Are you ComputerEYEzed?

21st century lifestyles demand more from our vision than ever before. Children and adults in our technological society constantly use their near vision at work, home, and school. CVS is one of the fastest growing health concerns in the workplace today. Environmental stresses on the visual system including excessive computer use, texting, video games, and close work can induce eyestrain, headaches, and/or visual difficulties. These difficulties can be effectively treated with glasses, contact lenses, medications, and ergonomics.

Dr. Grindstaff treats CVS in some new and exciting ways.  He even presents lectures on this topic so he is always on the cutting edge of treatment options.  There are some recent advancements in lens options that we are seeing a great amount of success with.  Call today and give your eyes a break!


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Edmond Office

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Nichols Hill Office

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